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Consultive Magazine aims to be the number one online resource for consulting career advice. Whether you’ve yet to land your first consulting job, or you’ve just started, or even if you’ve been consulting for years we aim to deliver quality content that will help you get ahead.

To do this we need your help. If you fall into any one of the three categories of consultant above, we would love for you to share your experience with our readers. Tell them about those insights that you have, explain which strategies worked for you, share the wealth of knowledge that you have built up over the years; write for Consultive Magazine.

Who can become an author?

In short; you. If you are interested in becoming, are, or have been a consultant we would love for you to contribute to the magazine. We’d also love to hear from people who have been clients of consultants. You need to have experience of writing; blogging, industry white papers, etc. You also need to be really interested in the topic that you would like to write about. We don’t want you to write something for the sake of writing it, we want you to write because you love it.

If you are the right person for us, please email us detailing:

  1. who you are and what your experience of consulting is
  2. articles, blog posts, white papers, etc that you have written in the past
  3. an outline of the topic you would like to write about, including your unique insights / reasons for covering the topic.

We like to encourage long term relationships with our authors, so if you have an idea for a series of articles, all the better.

What do authors get in return?

Every author of each article has a chance to have a short biography about them listed with their article. Ideally we like to show a photo, your name, a bit about you and your experience and links to you own website or twitter stream or to your company’s. You get to be recognised as the expert you are by your peers.

If you’d prefer to remain anonymous, we understand. Not all people like the limelight, and that’s fine. For these authors, we have an option for keeping your name, photo, links and company information out of your short bio, though we do insist that a bio is displayed with your article detailing your background (non-company / client specific) to ensure readers have an idea of the source of the material. For example your bio may read:

Written by An IT Strategy Expert

The author of this article has worked for a top 5 consultancy for the past 20 years as an IT strategy consultant. They have worked with clients in the pharmaceutical, consumer and telecommunications industries, managing projects with budgets in excess of £10 million a time.

Article categories

We have three broad categories that we like our authors to write about:

  1. On assignment
  2. Off assignment
  3. Your career

Within those three options, you are free to write about whatever you think is the most relevant to your peers. Share your experiences. Write about the things that you wish you had known when you started out. Tell people about what you think makes you, or someone you know a great consultant.

Article types

We are open to suggestions about how you would like to write your article, so feel free to get in touch and discuss your ideas, but we prefer articles that fall into one of the following types:

  • First person “War stories” – I’ve been there, done that, this was the result, these are the lessons learnt
  • Top tips (x5, x10, etc) for a specific task – For example Top 5 tips for getting the most out of your annual review meeting. Or Top 10 tips for managing that difficult client
  • Tools of the trade – For example tutorials on how to use specific presentation or facilitation techniques

Consultive tone and voice

All the articles published on Consultive Magazine need to be written in a tone suitable for the workplace. While we don’t want our articles to be too formal and stuffy, we do want them to be well written and to be suitable for a wide audience. While it is almost impossible to discuss consulting without using some industry jargon, we discourage it’s use and expect explanations where it is used. We have a glossary for this very purpose so please let us know if you would like a specific term added. As a hard working bunch, our audience don’t have time to read huge essays, so please no articles that are excessively long. Make your point, clearly and concisely and move on.


The accuracy of the content of each article is the responsibility of it’s author. We will never knowingly publish material that is incorrect, subject to a third party’s copyright or in breach of IP ownership, UK or international law. As an author it is your responsibility to ensure you have your facts right and the correct permissions to publish any sensitive or copyrighted materials.


If you’re like to write for us Contact us now.

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