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Articles are published on Consultive Magazine once a week on a Friday.

Copyright, accuracy, IP and privacy infringements

The content of each article on Consultive Magazine is the responsibility of the article’s author. Any inaccuracies, copyright, Intellectual Property, or company / client confidentiality infringements are the responsibility of an article’s author.

The Consultive Magazine team will correct or remove any inaccurate, or infringing materials from the site as soon as they are brought to their attention. If you believe anything on the site is in breach of these conditions, please contact us.

Authors are also required to get permission to name any persons, companies or organisations referenced to in their articles prior to publication.

Article copyright

Each article is subject to a joint copyright between Consultive Magazine and it’s author. Authors are encouraged to republish any of their own original work written for Consultive Magazine in its entirety as long as they do so with a link back to the original article at Consultive Magazine.

Editorial rights

The Consultive Magazine team reserve the right edit or amend any articles submitted for publication prior to their publication. Any changes will be submitted back to each article’s author for approval before publication. The final publication decision and editorial control remains with

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