2011 Update

By Mike. January 21st, 2011. Posted in Consultive news No Comments »

‘Where have we been?’ I hear you cry, ‘We have missed our regular update of fantastic consulting knowledge!’. Sorry about that. It has been an exceptionally busy start to 2011, but a good one nonetheless. We have some excellent stuff heading your way including new features, new ways to get involved and some fantastic new authors.

In fact we are working on so much stuff behind the scenes that we are relaxing our publishing policy, so you’ll only have to worry about updating yourself bi-weekly over the coming months. I know this is all a little cryptic right now but all will become clear in due course.

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Rounding up 2010

By James. December 31st, 2010. Posted in Consultive news No Comments »

As the year draws to a close we thought we’d use the final post of the year to reflect on what we’ve managed to achieve in 2010. Consultive Magazine is now five whole months old, having been launched on 01 August. In five months we’ve stuck to our target of publishing a consulting related article […]

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The run up to Christmas

By Mike. December 16th, 2010. Posted in Consultive news No Comments »

With only a couple of weeks of Christmas shopping to go, we thought a little insight into our schedule over the holiday period might help you plan ahead.

We have a splendid article on teamwork that is being finished off as you read this and will be available on Monday.

We then have our final article of the year planned for Christmas eve followed by a yearly round up for Consultive Magazine due at year end the following week.

We do hope you stay with us over the Christmas period as there’s still some great stuff to come.

Until Monday then…

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Consultive Magazine update 3 months in

By James. November 12th, 2010. Posted in Consultive news 1 Comment »

Mike and I thought it was about time for an update on the goings on here at Consultive Magazine so this week instead of an article from one of our authors we are hijacking the site to fill you in on what’s been happening…

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Consultive Magazine first week update

By Mike. August 6th, 2010. Posted in Consultive news 1 Comment »

It’s been a busy first week here in the Consultive Magazine office. After our successful launch on Monday, we’ve spent the last few days tweaking the site and responding to emails.

Thanks to everyone who’s taken the time to visit the site and give us your feedback.

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