The Knights of Room Service

By adamanonymous. August 20th, 2010. Posted in On assignment, Your career 1 Comment »

“Is there much opportunity for travel?”

We’re at a graduate recruitment milkround presentation, I’ve just stood up and enthused about the joys of consulting and more specifically my employer and the whole room is now mingling in a post-presentation hubbub. The asker couldn’t put a more open and earnest expression on her face – she’s putting so much effort into appearing attentive and professional that I suspect she won’t really listen to my answer.

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Borrowing your watch and spotting elephants

By adamanonymous. August 1st, 2010. Posted in On assignment No Comments »

I’m generally a practitioner, preferring delivering projects to critiquing them, but every so often I’ll get called in by a client to conduct a review of something or other, normally a project that is taking twice as long as they hoped. And frequently within a few short days of me poking my nose in, a slightly upset member of the team I’m charged with reviewing will invoke the hoary old saw about consultants “borrowing your watch to tell you the time”.

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